Lenwood Hybrid Belt

The Lenwood Leather Hybrid Belt is hands down the best CCW belt available.

Standing on Lenwood Hybrid belt up close small

  • Belt slab full grain leather outer layer
  • PVC coated polyester webbing interior
  • The two pieces are glued then stitched together
  • Hand finished edges
  • High quality chrome plated steel roller buckle and Chicago screws

The leather looks great, the PVC coated polyester webbing provides vertical rigidity to keep your gun

Lenwood Leather Hybrid

where it should be. It’s a very comfortable and good looking package.

Available in Brown, Black, Natural, and Oil Rubbed Natural.

Lenwood Leather Hybrid Belts begin at $67

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Upgrade your hardware to solid stainless steel

The Stainless Steel upgrade replaces the chrome plated steel roller buckle and Chicago screws with solid stainless steel. They look a lot alike. The stainless is not quite as shiny.

Stainless Steel Upgrade is $10

Size :